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Abbey Ale

Belgian family of strong fruity beers either produced or inspired by monastery brewers

Alt, Altbier

German style of beer, similar to British bitter or pale ale, especially associated with Dűsseldorf

Black India Pale Ale (Black IPA)

An emerging hoppy beer style based on a traditional IPA, although dark in colour and maltier in flavour (see also India Pale Ale)


Strong beer of German origin with different styles: Helles bock/Maibock (lighter in colour with low hop bitterness), Doppelbock (maltier and stronger ABV) and Eisbock (much stronger Doppelbock achieved by freezing and removing excess water ice to concentrate the flavour & strength)

Craft Brewery

A term referring to breweries opened since the late 1970s that produce specialist beers


A Belgian Abbey ale, stronger than a pilsner, usually dark in colour


Dunkel means 'dark' in Germany. Most readily used for dark lagers but can be also applied for dark wheat beers


A blend of young and old lambic beers blended together to create a sparkling, refreshing beer


German term for wheat beer with sediment

India Pale Ale (IPA)

A particularly hoppy beer style which originated in England (the natural preservative qualities of hops meant the beer could travel long distance with no effect on longevity). Now a hugely popular beer style in the US and the UK, with many brewers pushing limits in terms of hop aroma and bitterness (also see Black India Pale Ale)


Light style of top fermenting golden beer first brewed around the city of Cologne (Köln)


Beers fermented using wild yeasts. The oldest known beer style in the modern world


A form of pale beer which originated in the Czech Republic; most commonly come in three different styles: Czech (golden in colour, traditionally Saaz hops), German (light golden in colour, stronger hop bitterness and traditionally Hallertau hops), and Bohemian (sweeter and maltier in character than German & Czech)


A German style of lager that has been smoked over beechwood fires. Smoky in taste


Traditionally a thirst-quencher for farmers, saisons are usually amber to orange in colour with a trademark peppery or spicy character

Sour ales/beers

Originating in Flanders, these beer undergo aging for 18months – 2 years creating a thirst-quenching acetic character


Traditionally the strongest of Belgian abbey ales, although there are now quadruple beers that exceed them in strength

Wheat beer

Beer containing high levels of malted wheat, usually cloudy but can also be clear


Means white beer in Belgian, wheat beer